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Aéropostale : Logos Everywhere, Sales Nowhere

Aéropostale : Logos Everywhere, Sales Nowhere

Having plastered its clothes with logos, Aeropostale is no longer in with teens and sales show it. The retailer closed more than 120 stores in 2014. The new year isn’t shaping up much better, with the planned closing of 75 Aeropostale stores and 126 P.S. from Aeropostale stores.

The Failure :

Aeropostale is losing ground to retailers like Zara, Forever 21 and H & M, who are able to put the latest styles on the rack just a few weeks after they come out in Paris or Milan.  Teens love having the hottest trendy clothes in real time.  Aeropostale has also forfeited its cool factor by continuing to offer clothes covered with logos that teens don’t want to wear anymore.

The latest attempt is to attract customers back to their stores by partnering with popular idols like Bethany Mota, who had carte blanche to design a clothing line and manage communications with her 2,200,000 Twitter fans and her 8,000,0000 YouTube subscribers.

The Moral :

Aeropostale stubbornly stuck to an outdated formula in a rapidly-changing market. They simply refused to see that tastes had changed.  At a time when teens no longer wanted logos on their clothes, that was all they had to offer. If you want to keep your customers, you have to move with the times.

Image Source : CNN

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