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Blackberry Q10 : Feet of clay

Blackberry Q10 : Feet of clay

In 2013, we probably witnessed the last gasp from this former Canadian giant as it attempted to revive its brand: the BlackBerry Q10 (and its Z10 touchscreen counterpart).

The Failure :

In recent years, each failed launch has paved the way for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and others to pick up market share. BlackBerry, the company that introduced smartphones, that was the top-selling name in its product category, lost its most valuable asset: its power of seduction.  Q10 had everything that made BlackBerry such a success in the past, with features that initially impressed critics, but the die was cast and demand was almost nonexistent.

The Moral :

BlackBerry is a case of a series of events that gradually eroded the brand down to almost nothing. BlackBerry was guilty of arrogance, believing itself to be invincible. It let the competition get a foothold without making a real effort to remain on top. Safe, reliable and effective, it had a solid customer base. Yet even with all these same qualities, Q10 is a good idea that came too late.

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