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Bud Light Reinvents… Not Much

Bud Light Reinvents… Not Much

One year after its introduction in the US, Anheuser-Busch InBev launched ‘Bud Light Platinum’ in Canada, a light beer weighing in at 6% alcohol per volume. Eye-catching packaging, a sparkling blue bottle and a fat advertising budget ─  the works!

 The Failure :

But the question remains: what’s so new about Bud Light, and what exactly does it add up to? By definition, a light beer is low alcohol, around 4%; at 6%, has Bud Light Platinum now invented a whole new category? Not such a big deal, even if they do triple-filter it … This comment on the social networks got it right,  “Why would anyone pay extra for a more expensive Bud Light?”

The Moral :

That the Budweiser brand is strong goes without saying; they added the ‘cool’ factor with their blue Platinum bottle, but they left out an important ingredient: pertinence. Without it, a product extension adds up to exactly zip.

Image Source : BudLight

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