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Discovery Channel : Faking it for Shark Week  

Discovery Channel : Faking it for Shark Week  

In 2013, Discovery Channel’s leading series, Shark Week, purported to document the existence of the Megalodon. While scientists don’t question the fact that this great shark once existed, they all concur that it is extinct today.

The Failure :

And yet, in order to promote its popular Shark Week, Discovery Channel sunk to sensationalism with bogus stories about recent Megalodon attacks or sightings. This from a channel known for its scientific approach that calls itself the world’s #1 non-fiction media company. Last August, Discovery viewers bit back, accusing the channel of faking it. When a brand name is based on sound science, you have to rigorously respect that, regardless of the context. “I watch Discovery Channel for science, not science fiction,” summed up viewer response.

The Moral :

Discovery Channel has not pulled its bogus documentary and for the time being is holding its own. Shark Week is still running and remains popular. But the brand went against its DNA and the ‘non-fiction’ channel could feel the repercussions in the long term, having lost its credibility and special status with loyal viewers.

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