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Apple & U2: Even U2, Even Free, Doesn’t Play.

Apple & U2: Even U2, Even Free, Doesn’t Play.

We expect Apple to set the bar high, and 2014 was no exception. Expectations reached a paroxysm on September 9 with the release of the latest generation of the ever-popular iPhone and coveted Apple Watch. And Tim Cook upped the ante by bringing U2 onstage and adding their latest release, Songs of Innocence, directly to the playlists of its 500 million iTunes users. A brilliant promotional feat that marketing teams the world over could only dream of. Who would have thought that it would turn into a nightmare?

The Failure :

But that’s just what happened. Even though a hundred million iTunes users listened to the album, a wave of discontent quickly swept through the social media, “What does U2 think they’re doing on my iPhone?” The wave was powerful enough for Bono to declare mea culpa and for Apple to send out instructions for removing the album from playlists. Bad timing for Apple, who had also been criticized for iCloud’s security in the nude celebrity photo hacking affair…

The Moral :

Playlists are personal spaces that must be respected. Today’s consumers have free and instantaneous access to the music they like; the last thing they want is for big companies to tell them what to listen to. Apple learned that it should have let their customers choose U2 rather than choose U2 for their customers..

Image Source  : Billboard

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