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Fyre Festival: nothing but hot air

Fyre Festival: nothing but hot air

Private villas in the Bahamas, elite reserved tickets selling for thousands of dollars, a bevy of models mingling with today’s hottest influencers, DJs and rappers ─ nirvana for an ambitious millennial promoter looking to make a name for himself.

Set to run two weeks, Fyre Festival was being billed as the music event of the century. They built hype around the festival with a slick promotional video featuring top models in suggestive poses.

The Fail :

Fyre Festival was the product of five years of sweet talking investors and of the inflated ego of its creator, Billy McFarland. His ambition was contagious, but his project had no structure. At the time the first participants arrived, the installations were simply not in place to accommodate them. Expecting luxury villas and five-star chefs, they were served up cocktail sandwiches alongside a damp tent. Less than 24 hours after opening, the festival was cancelled. The next day, participants awoke to find that the crew had packed up and left the Bahamas. Fyre Festival turned out to be nothing more than an empty shell.

The Moral :

McFarland had been dogged for some time by creditors demanding exorbitant interest payments. The company had run out of liquidity several months prior to the event, and was unable to spend a penny on installations. Built entirely on the outsized ego of its promoter, it lacked the essential element in any major event: organization. It’s better to invest in a solid product than to make empty promises…

Source image : Instagram, @rose_bertram


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