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Google Glass : Google Glass Is Dead, The Technology Lives On

Google Glass : Google Glass Is Dead, The Technology Lives On

Two years and a half after its hyped-up introduction, Google Glass is about to go on the long list of failed products. Twitter has just reported that there will be no new apps, the creator of Google Glass went over to Amazon in July 2014, and most of the developers have stopped working on it.

The Failure :

Being able to integrate information at a glance is a powerful concept; the production and marketing of Google Glass was much less so. Nobody could quite understand why they should wear these clunky, ugly glasses that served no real purpose. Surfing the Net or taking pictures turns out to be much more fun with a smartphone than with Google Glass.

Onboard technology works best when it’s invisible but cool at the same time. Google Glass is all too visible, ugly and intimidating to others. Yet everyone agrees that even though the product itself is a commercial flop, the idea behind the technology has a future.

The Moral :

Google Glass was launched to general acclaim as a revolutionary product, a little bit like the notorious Segway. Both raised expectations with the public that never materialized. When you launch a product or service, make sure that it solves a real problem or meets a real need. And above all, if you make extravagant promises, make sure you can keep them.

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