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Honorable Mention 2013

Honorable Mention 2013


This startup developed an app that lets you order and pay for drinks in crowded bars. It folded in 2013, but went out with a bang by posting the post mortem on its website. We’ll drink to that!

GOOGLE | Spring Cleaning

In 2013, Google did its usual spring cleaning, bringing the total number of products down to 70 – the same number as in 2011. Google tossed out Cloud Connect, Building Maker and Reader in order to “focus its efforts on building great products”. A bold example of what it means to have focus.


Relaunched in style, Cadillac has hit cruising speed in the past few years, and made a comeback as a desirable upscale luxury car. Every year Cadillac gets good reviews, and 2013 is no exception: the 2014 CTS has nothing to fear from its Japanese and German rivals.


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