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Honorable Mention 2014

Honorable Mention 2014


Yahoo! has finally come out of the shadow of Google and Bing and is on the rise. In November 2014, Mozilla-Firefox made it their default search engine in the US, edging out Google after 10 years. Firefox users represent over 100 billion searches annually.

Postes Canada

Canada Post is on the right track with its strategic shift to parcel delivery, which is growing thanks to online purchases, at the expense of home mail delivery. A strong third quarter and a $13 million profit before taxes tell the tale.

Ville de Detroit

The City of Detroit, which was declared bankrupt in 2013, has just been named one of the ten most innovative cities in the United States by CNN-Money. Detroit is right up there with New York, Chicago and San Francisco on a list that recognizes innovations in technology, infrastructures and jobs.

Image Source : PC/Graham Hughes


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