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Honourable Mention 2016

Kraft Dinner

Honourable Mention 2016

Montréal Airport

Airport food is generally mediocre, but the Montréal Airport has made an effort to offer a gastronomic experience designed to leave visitors with a good impression. With the addition of 17 gourmet restaurants, ranging from French bistro fare to the best of Montréal’s street food, travellers now have as many good reasons to get to the airport well ahead of their flight!


Unlike most of the country’s clothing stores, Simons is expanding. With 13 stores under its banner, it plans to open two more in Alberta in 2017 and will also be revamping two of its branches. Already, over 500,000 customers have a Simons loyalty card. This goes to show that good products at reasonable prices and excellent customer service can take you a long way.

Kraft Dinner

Under pressure from consumers, Kraft replaced the artificial orange colour in its famous macaroni and cheese dinner by paprika and curcuma. More than 50 million boxes of this ‘natural version’ were sold before the official announcement. Kraft qualified this experience as “the world’s biggest blind test”. The brand was able to meet expectations of consumers without changing the product’s DNA: its orange colour.


In 2000, at the dawn of the Ballmer era, Microsoft was the richest company in the world, famed for its office software. The growth of search engines, social networks and mobile devices signalled its slow decline. But in 2014,  Satya Nadella stepped in and turned what had become little more than a software company registering one-off, flat revenues back into a dynamic company with recurrent revenues.


In 2016, Couche-Tard continued to make acquisitions. The purchase of CST Brands thrust it to the top of the convenience store market in Canada and the US. Extending beyond North American boundaries, it has stores in Asia and Europe, with a strong presence in Scandinavia and the Baltics. Couche-Tard is a model of growth that has managed to give credentials to an often disparaged market segment.

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