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HP Chromebook 11 : Now you see it, now you don’t

HP Chromebook 11 : Now you see it, now you don’t

Chromebook 11, a sleek lightweight laptop starting at $279, promised to be a big seller at Amazon and Best Buy but 2013 holiday sales never took off.

The Failure :

Launched in the fall, it came with the Google Chrome operating system. But it was pulled off the shelves in November because of defective chargers: 145,000 laptops were recalled. Google and HP announced that sales would soon resume, but as of today, they can’t be found on Amazon or at Best Buy. HP Chromebook 11 was a failed launch; it remains to be seen whether the product resurfaces one day and if this time it takes off.

The Moral :

Even aside from its defective vital component, HP Chromebook 11 was the victim of a shrinking market. The past two years has seen a meteoric rise in tablets to the detriment of PCs, and Chromebook represents a mere 1% of this market. You have to wonder why HP and Google chose to launch a new segment of low-cost laptops in the US at this time. Even at just $99, they would have had a hard time selling. The problem isn’t so much the product itself, but the weak potential of its category.

Image Source : HP

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