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HTC First: Facebook in your Face. Don’t Like.

HTC First: Facebook in your Face. Don’t Like.

It was the first smartphone to be sold with the Facebook Home app onboard. It was Facebook first, then a smartphone. One month after HTC First was launched, AT&T slashed the price from $99 to…$0.99 to liquidate stocks and discontinue the product.

The Failure :

Not only did the Facebook Home app not work very well, people didn’t have any use for a single-app phone. On top of that, it wasn’t even exclusive, since there was also a Facebook Home download for Androids.

The Moral :

Just because you like something, in this case Facebook, doesn’t mean that you want it constantly in your face.

We have become demanding consumers.  We want to be free to make our own choices and hate having the impression that they’re being forced on us… except when it’s something we really want!

Image Source : Marcio Josee Sanchez

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