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Lance Armstrong : Downhill All the Way

Lance Armstrong : Downhill All the Way

On January 16, 2013, Lance Armstrong sat down opposite Oprah Winfrey and frankly admitted to having taken drugs before almost every race. The ensuing shockwave hit the world of sports hard; his main sponsors (Anheuser-Bush, Trek and Nike) quickly cut him off, his fans were crushed, his accusers were elated and the Livestrong foundation went into full-blown crisis management mode.

The Failure :

Lance Armstrong’s brand is now virtually worthless. And unlike Tiger Woods, there’s not much hope that it will make a comeback. It would seem that it’s easier to forgive adultery than lying.

The Moral :

Even though we expect honesty and transparency from today’s brands, we’re willing to accept them and embrace them for what they are, with all their faults and blemishes.

What we’re not willing to accept is learning that brands that tout themselves as being ‘perfect, the best’ were lying to us all along.

Image Source : Peter Morrison/AP



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