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Lululemon : A Closer Look at Sheer Yoga Pants

Lululemon : A Closer Look at Sheer Yoga Pants

Chip Wilson, the man behind the brand, was forced to step down as chairman of the board after he made inappropriate remarks on Bloomberg TV. Customers had been criticizing the company’s popular sheer Luon pants, saying they were virtually see-through.

The Failure :

But instead of fixing the problem on the inside, Chip Wilson blamed his customers, implying that the real problem was that they were too fat!

His attitude brought the social media down on his head, and after making belated and half-hearted apologies, Chip Wilson was shown the door. In November 2013, Lululemon brought back their famous Luon pants with a tag that read: this is what celebrating failure looks like. A nice try at self-mockery… but it’s too little, too late.

The Moral :

Today’s consumers ‘own’ brands and often know them better than the companies themselves. A company that underestimates its customers and overestimates its importance does so at its own risk. Chip Wilson should have stepped up to quickly and sincerely apologize to his customers; that’s where he went wrong.

Image Source : BCIT Commons

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