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On Our Radar 2014

On Our Radar 2014

Airbus 380

With no orders on the books in 2014, Airbus is talking of discontinuing the 380 as of 2017. Its four engines guzzle huge amounts of jet fuel and not many airports are equipped to handle it. Today’s passengers prefer direct flights on smaller planes to taking a jumbo jet that makes a number of stops.


Über is on a roll and is a game-changer in the taxi industry everywhere it goes. Surfing on the ‘share economy’ wave, it is under attack from all sides. From now on, everything will be closely watched ─ its successes, fares, conflicts ─ everything. This is a brand that will need to be as hard as steel and as clear as glass.


The entire mobile payments category is on our radar and we expect to see a lot of new brands emerge. Clinkle caught our eye in 2014 because of its delayed and aborted launch, even as brands like Square and Venmo & Cie continue to grab market share.

Image Source : Uber




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