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On Our Radar 2016

Jeux olympiques

On Our Radar 2016

David’s tea

Arriving in 2008 like a breath of fresh air in the tea industry, David’s Tea experienced explosive growth with its multiple flavours and enterprising points of sale. Eight years later, the brand is being squeezed to the limit, diluted by its fifty kinds of tea and derivative products. Could it be that it lost sight of the most important ingredient: genuinely good tea?


It’s not easy to sum up in 140 characters the poor performance of Twitter since it went public. The fact is, it’s having a hard time attracting new users in comparison with Facebook, the giant that advertisers love. The momentum created by Snapchat, Instagram and similar apps has also clipped this little bluebird’s wings.

Smart Watches

We expected Apple, Samsung and Garmin to drive the commercial success of this device. But the real challenge lies in differentiating the experience relative to smartphones. By default, these watches remain associated with physical activity. Until a real revolution comes along, we shouldn’t be surprised to see some brands fall by the wayside.

The Olympic Games

Long a symbol of perseverance and the community of nations, the Olympic Games brand has lost its shine. The remarkable performances of its inspiring athletes are tarnished by the flip side of the story: the social vacuum left behind in Sotchi, the organizational headaches and the empty grandstands in Rio, doping scandals… the list goes on. On top of that, the machine has grown so unwieldy that potential host cities are unwilling to submit their candidature. The Olympic Games should draw inspiration from the genuine spirit of fair play that prevails at the Paralympics!

Chipotle Hamburgers

Right in the middle of an E. coli food poisoning scare, Chipotle Hamburgers decided to jump into the highly competitive burger market with its new Tasty Made brand. Chipotle is going to have to beef up its efforts if it hopes to take on the likes of McDonald’s, Five Guys, Burger King and Wendy’s on their own turf.

Source Image Manan Va Tsyayana / Getty Images

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