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Quiznos : Caught In the Middle

Quiznos : Caught In the Middle

This fast-food chain known for its grilled sandwiches declared bankruptcy in March 2014. From

5,000 restaurants in 2007, it downsized to around 2,000 during the economic crisis. Fierce competition from Subway and the rise of fresh concept sandwich shops contributed to the decline of Quiznos. The banner’s post-recession difficulties come at a time when Subway and other chains like Potbelly are on the rise.

The Failure :

Quiznos seems to be doing better in Canada. But the Denver-based company, whose slogan “Mmm… toasty” vaunting the enhanced flavor of its grilled products has lost its unique edge, which was already pretty thin. Once the competition starts grilling their sandwiches too, you simply stop being unique. The banner is now looking for ways to appeal to consumers by adding pasta to the menu. Is this a recipe for success?

The Moral :

Here we have a brand that finds itself sandwiched between the simplicity of the Subway machine and the creativity of the new sandwich shops. Its grilled sandwiches positioning is no longer unique and the difference in quality with its main rival doesn’t justify the higher prices… In the fast-paced world of fast-food restaurants, the fight to stay competitive is never over.

Image Source : Quiznos

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