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Radio-Canada Reports a Failure ─ HERE

Radio-Canada Reports a Failure ─ HERE

In trying to clarify its identity across all its platforms, Radio-Canada only made things worse.

The Failure :

It forgot to what extent its name went beyond the word ‘radio’. And we can’t help but wonder what the use of ICI (HERE in French) by reporters as a dateline would give:

‘This program was brought to you by HERE, from over there; our reporter from HERE is covering events in Syria … What the f*&#?  But seriously, what on earth was the company thinking of by trying to replace Radio-Canada, a solidly established name with an envied reputation, by a word that means HERE.

Radio-Canada quickly backed down and neatly turned itself around by including Radio-Canada in its Télé and Première Chaîne signatures, with the prefix ICI stuck on.  It’s never too late to admit a mistake.

The Moral :

Radio-Canada found out the hard way just how powerfully its public related to the brand name. Somehow, management forgot that Radio-Canada is a strong and distinctive brand that, like the BBC, carries authority. When you’re spending the taxpayer’s money, it’s that much more important to take a hard look at the need for change, and to go ahead only if you’re sure that it will add clear value.

 Image source : ICI


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