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RDS / TSN : The puck stops here

RDS / TSN : The puck stops here

In 2013, TSN lost exclusive broadcasting rights for Canadiens hockey games. A new agreement gave TVA Sport the rights to 22 of the team’s regular season games, all of the playoff games, including Canadiens games, plus the Stanley Cup finals

The Failure :

A hat trick for TVA, but a huge loss for TSN, which depended heavily on the Canadiens for market share. But the real problem, even before the NHL agreement was signed, was that TSN had let other broadcasting rights slip away, including UFC and Impact soccer games… Luckily, subsequent confirmation of rights to 60 remaining games saved the day for TSN.

The Moral :

Today’s media are waging a global war that goes beyond television. Behind the specialized channels, telecommunications giants are facing off: Bell, Rogers, Quebecor (Videotron), Telus. TSN (Bell Media) got lulled into focusing almost exclusively on Canadiens hockey games, letting TVA slowly take over the niche markets. By putting all its eggs in one basket, one day was all it took to make TSN vulnerable to the competition.

Image Source : RDS

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