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Samsung Galaxy Gear : Back to the present

Samsung Galaxy Gear : Back to the present

It started with a really cool ad depicting a futuristic sci-fi show where people communicate over their watches. You want it: a smart watch. You just know it’s cool before you even see it!

The Failure :

But Samsung’s Galaxy Gear would prove to be the biggest gadget of all in 2013; eagerly awaited yet widely criticized. Because when it comes down to it, why do less with a watch when you can already do so much more with your phone or tablet? On top of that, Galaxy Gear only works with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, so who needs that? Not to mention the $300 price tag. As one critic put it, “It’s a cool gadget! But not $300 cool.”

The Moral :

By November 2013, Samsung had sold 50,000 units. Even the coolest stuff has to take alternative products into account. Samsung’s solution obviously didn’t deliver the goods when it comes to smart handhelds.

A word to the wise: before advertising a high-tech gadget, make sure it works.

Image Source : Samsung

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