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Swing Copters : Crash Landing

Swing Copters : Crash Landing

To understand the failure of Swing Copters, you have to go back to its predecessor, Flappy Bird, which was a huge success for its creator, maybe even too huge.

Flappy Bird came out in February 2014 to general indifference ─ a simple, pixel art retro style game that recalled early Nintendo. Simple, frustrating and addictive, it soon unleashed a tsunami on the social media. Created by an independent Vietnamese developer named Dong Nguyen, this game is proof that in a flood of complex products, simple things can quickly rise to the top.

The Failure :

In just 28 days, Flappy Bird made App Store’s Top 10, with over 50 million downloads, 16 million Tweets and $50,000 US in advertising revenue per day─ not bad for a game that took less than three days to develop!

Overwhelmed by the media hype, Nguyen pulled his game from app stores, inadvertently stoking interest for the next release. Expectations were running high when he came out with Swing Copters, a revamped version of its predecessor that proved to be much more difficult, if not impossible to play. Then came a number of clones and its popularity crashed…

The Moral :

Swing Copters is the perfect example of why it’s so hard to reproduce a one-off success like Flappy Bird. And when a deceptively simple, maverick product goes viral, it can send its creator into a tailspin.

Image Source : CNET

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